Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Great Credit Card Seduction

Credit Cards, either you love it or hate it or maybe a love and hate affair. There are pros and cons of using credit cards but ultimately it depends on the users themselves how their credit cards are utilized.

Anyway, I reckon guys would have more credit cards compared to girls not because guys earns more but because guys are easily seduced or coaxed in applying for credit cards regardless they will use the cards or not.

I believe most of you have already experienced being approached by the credit card sales team and basically knows how they sell the cards or influence you into applying for one. Nowadays, it is more to seduction or pity tactic to coax you into applying for the cards.

When they cannot influence you into believing that the cards will be of tremendous benefits to you, they will resolve to pity tactic as in asking for help to fulfill their quota in a pitiful manner. And most of the time they know how to choose their victims.

Like I said, guys are more easily influenced. Girls would go for guys and being guys, they will most likely give in when girls show their sad face or even show their sexy smile. Ahem.

Yours Truly also applied for some credit cards. Not that my earnings or spending power is high, in fact my earnings can only sustain one credit card. But noooooo~~, I have to go and get myself 6 of em credit cards. The gullible and naive me kena tricked into applying for more.

6 credit cards

So the story goes on like this, after I am influenced into applying for 4 credit cards using the common tactics the immunity practically sets in already and I am determined that I will not apply for any credit cards anymore regardless the seduction, temptation or tactics.

Manage to fend off a few that uses the same tactics until recently there is this girl who succeed in breaking through my defense armour that is infused with heavenly stone which makes it +100 DEF rare artifact.

Anyway, at the end I applied for another two credit cards that I know I won't be using. Oh the gullible and naive me kena cheated again.

How you ask?

The girl resort to kneeling down and uses persuasion skill level 100 and in no time at all, I find myself signing the application form.

I mean, like come on. Kneeling down boh. Being the gentleman I am, of course i need to help the poor helpless soul. Ahem.

Girl kneeling down boh. Suddenly feel like emperor like that. Probably that is why I am tricked again. Oh, the young, naive and gullible me. Ahem.

I am sure 10 out of 10 guys, 9 would have signed or applied on the spot. The other one who doesn't is a gay. So there.
Girls Kneeling
(Taken from Google Image)

Almost like the following picture boh. So can't blame me also lah since I am a perfectly healthy alpha male. Ahem.
Kneeling Seductively
(Taken from Google Image)

Boh Pien. No Choice.

Like I said, us guys are easily influenced.

Make that distracted.


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  1. Wuahahaha...
    Purposely messed up the form and they won't be able to process your form even if do give in to the *ahem* salesgirl....


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