Thursday, January 31, 2013

3rd Year Working Anniversary + 9 months

Alright, this post is supposed to be posted last year.

But much has happened till yours truly don't have the time to post or rather don't have the mood to post.

Oh well, what have I learned so far?

One thing,

Don't get comfortable and ever think that your company will be appreciative of you.

Ok, that is two things.

Anyway, don't expect to be appreciated. Just do what you are supposed to do and you will be off much happier.

Really, and when the time comes or rather when the opportunity comes knocking. GO and don't stay. Loyalty doesn't mean anything these days. Worth nothing.

Well, you get the gist.

And oh,

Yours Truly am promoted again. Twice in a three years span. Not bad huh?


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