Saturday, December 4, 2010

Manga Is Good For You while Anime is Bad For You

***Suddenly I got the urge to post something at this blog of mine after a long absence. Maybe the total of you two loyal readers out there been cursing for the lack of updates....Ahem.... so here...curse no more.... Go read up previous posts will ya? Don't expect me to churn out post after post just for the two of ya alright? You weirdo you. =p***

So Dr. BenardCometh reveals.

Why I say manga is good? 

Because reading is good and reading manga is a form of reading also. Correct?

No? Yes?

So, reading manga is good for you just because it can help you relax and laugh. Laughter after all is the best medicine. Aye?

Compared to anime, manga would be much better. I personally doesn't really like anime because I find it to be very time wasting. One facial expression of the character would often takes minutes to complete. Like the part where the character screams "Nooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~", there goes the 5 minutes in my life that are wasted and cannot be gained back. 

Manga on the other hand, would not be time wasting and the most one facial expression would cost you is a few boxes in one page or maybe one page at most which would be like less than 30 seconds to see. Correct?

In manga also there are no fillers episodes as compared to in Anime. You can have like episodes after episodes of anime that tells the same story that are contained in like one or two books (volume) of manga.

So yeah, Anime is very time wasting while Manga is just teh awesomest. Not time wasting is equal to efficient mmmmmmkay????

Something that presents something in the fastest way possible and in the most comprehend-able way possible is called effective and efficient. Nuff said. Manga for the win. Manga pawns Anime. Period.

So, that straighten out already.

Lets move to the top manga that BenardCometh Revelations endorses. 

Endorse here means Yours Truly likey and all time favorite.... Alright?

1. Doraemon
2. Dragonball
3. Slam Dunk
4. One Piece
5. Bleach
6. Naruto

There, just a spontaneous list that came out as I type. There are lots more. Just to name a few. 

The two of you must be like thinking, Doraemon?? Seriously?

Yes, Doraemon. 

Don't tell me when you are small you don't read or don't know Doraemon. You childhood less you. 

What you do? Go read investment books and go for investment meetings when you are small is it?


That is all lah.

This is a spontaneous post. 

Like snap, here it is.

Like that.

Happy Weekend.

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  1. Last time no extra money to buy or borrow (rent) eh... No such book in library oso.... Pity childhood.... No TV somemore......


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