Sunday, December 20, 2009

Best Way To Cook A Snake

First of all, get yourself a snake from your local friendly neighborhood village. The bigger the better.

Then start by chopping your newly acquire snake into several portions for easy cooking.

After that please remember to wash the snake portions and cut into its stomach to pull out the contents. Depending on your luck, you might see a baby horse inside depending on the size of your snake. A huge ass anaconda maybe.

Again, just to repeat. Pull out the insides of the stomach and wash the dismembered snake. You might see the following:

A Snake's Stomach Content

Wash the insides if you feel like eating them...Ish**

After your dismembered snake is cleaned, apply the ancient secret cooking technique. The BBQ. BBQ it foe a while and don't forget to flip it over to ensure that it is well cooked.

Snake Meat BBQ-ed

Flip over and BBQ until it is well done




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