Sunday, August 9, 2009

On a Hazy Hot Sunday

Initially going to work in the morning (Yes, yours truly am a hardworking bum with no life and likes to work) but then there is last minute cancellation hence there is no need to go to work. (Yay)

Hence, yours truly went to causeway bay (Crown tower) for breakfast because the food there is quite nice and importantly there is air conditioning. Who in their right mind would want to go to kopitiam in this weather? Too healthy is it? (No offence to those Kuching Fest goers ah. Kuching Fest is good mmmmkay. Even at this hazy hot weather. Ahem).

Anyway, after lunch yours truly decided to stay in inside his humble abode and watch movie like any other healthy alpha males would do on a hazy hot sunday.

Bought some DVDs yo. (3 to be exact and prices hidden to protect the future availabilities of cheap "original" DVD..Ahem)

3 DVDs

DVD 1 - Horror Movies

DVD 2 - Romance & Action Movies

DVD 3 - Doggie Movie

RM8 each

Thus, total damage done is RM18. Got discount somemore. Original somemore. Cheap Cheap. What? What do you mean it's not original? The movies are crystal clear as tested so to speak and I trust the seller when they say its original DVD. That is all I need to know that I bought original DVD. I don't support pirated DVDs mmmmkay. Ahem.

Yes, we all in Kuching supports original dvds mmmmmkay and we are a trusting lot which is why when the seller say its original so it must be original. Ahem. With all the subtitles and menu selections some more.

Wokeh, have to stop here now.

Movies waiting for me to be watched.

Oh hazy hot hot Sunday.


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