Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Point Is

Lets see,

The point of this post is that it is pointless to say that it may or will have a point that will be awesomely enlightening to some but may or probably will be painstakingly hard to comprehend.

But the point is that even if this post has a point which it probably will, it will still be regarded as pointless at some point to certain individuals who might think that having point in some pointless post would be some idiotic thing to do.

Somehow, everything will have a point but there are things that are without point. Perhaps in the surface they might not have any point but the point is that there might be some point in the so called non-point system in which individual might be brainwashed to accept some point that might no be relevant to them or even might be blatantly wrong and seriously flawed.

This post just might not make any sense but the point of this post is to not just make sense but to enlighten those who are seriously think that they always have a point at some point in their lives. Does that make any sense to any of you? Making point out of something so pointless as this post. Or is this post so pointless? Maybe that is a point to ponder?

Make your point in life is what they say. Make a point. Why just settle with a point and not with a gazillion of points? Probably the point of your point is to ensure that your life will be meaningful at the end of its fuse. Or probably the point of your point is to make sure that the fuse will not run out and will be continued to infinity and beyond.

Anyhow you make it to be, there is this one guy who probably has a point to express but doesn't know or are not given the change to express that very point he is trying to get across. Regardless what the point is, it may or may not be important to somebody but it will definitely be important to him since it is his point anyway.

One might also think what is the point of doing all the things that he or she has done? For some points in pleasure? For some points in the ego department? For some points in satisfaction? For show? For what?

Heck, a lot of you might just be thinking that this post is so pointless till the point that it just may have points in it. Yes, that is true. To have is not to have and to do is not to do. In that sense, having point or not having point doesn't really matter.

Another thing would be if it doesn't really matter, then why the heck people still giving it a damn of having some point for the sake to be regarded as the one who has point. Or not.


That should be the end of this post which may or may not have its points.

Probably you should not think too much and try to comprehend this post.

You might just lose it, the only point that makes you sane and then you go Cuckoooo~~~

Yeah, that is right.

Good Night.


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