Here in My Home

Here in My Home is an anti-racism song and music video done by Malaysian artistes to promote unity.

It's a very nice and pleasant song. I am actually quite surprised with the degree of the music flow. It really kinda makes people want to just sing along.
(one thing for sure is that I will be listening to this song a lot.)

The best part is that you can download the song and music video and even the lyrics for FREE. It is after all done to promote UNITY.
(Just remember to NOT eat the damn guava. This is of great importance. Don't even think of it.)

All in the name of LOVE yo.

Spread Love not Hate

The Music Video

Here in My Home

Heck they even have cool banner. What are you waiting for? Click on the banner to go to the website.

free download
Malaysian Artistes For UNITY
(Well, this is the only banner that I liked among the few banners available)

Alright, now the question is "Who wants to send Yours Truly some LOVE"?

You know that you wanted to. Don't be shy now. =p


  1. I beginning to love msia more and more!
    Msia boleh!

  2. oh! tis video/song is really cool! i heard it over the radio.. thanks for the video. :D

  3. i think you wanna send me some too. *smirking* :P

  4. Sending you some love? I am the gal in this context... shouldn't you send me some love? Malaysian singers are rather good, just lack of publicity... too bad

  5. i was wondering what song this was on the radio..they kept playing it quite often throughout the day. Good concept but i thought it was kinda sumbang. liked the vid though =)

  6. 3point8: Merdeka!!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!! =p

    angie: No prob... I also love the song.

    levian: **Shhhh** How you know??? =p

    eileen: Alright, some love sending over... =p

    mariposa: Oh, is it?


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